25 Aug 2017: SME HR Workshop on Government Support Programmes and Hiring Solutions

25 Aug 2017: SME HR Workshop on Government Support Programmes and Hiring Solutions

Time: 2.00 pm - 5.00pm
Venue: Room 7 & 8, Level 13, Paya Lebar Square

In this new digital era with technological advancements disrupting all business models, human capital is increasingly become the most valuable asset of any organisation for business growth and sustainability. Hence, it is important to have an effective HR leadership and human resources capabilities to engage the different generations in the workforce such as Baby-Boomers, Generation X and Millennial talents to embrace the digital future to deliver the business results. SME Centre @ SCCCI will share on the HR Capability model and grants from SPRING which SME companies can tap on.

Getting top candidates in the door today requires more than just posting a job. This comes especially challenging with Millennial talents, who are an increasingly tough group to engage — but yet are the most creative, hardworking and intellectually demanding people at their jobs. At this platform, TalentTribe Asia will share on how companies can engage and attract Millennial talents and the importance of employer branding.

At this platform, SNEF will also share on the various WSG programmes under the Adapt and Grow Initiative on recruitment, training and retention of PMETs. The P-Max Place-and-Train Programme aims to facilitate the entry of PMETs into suitable SME jobs and help SMEs better cope with the challenges of talent recruitment in an increasingly tight labour market. Upon successful completion of the programme, SMEs will be eligible for a one-time Assistance Grant of $5000.

Also, to assist mature Singaporeans PMETs who may face greater challenges in securing a job, the Career Support Programme (CSP) encourages employers to tap on the wealth of experience that mature Singaporean PMETs can bring to the workplace. Candidates unemployed for six months or more, in mid-level jobs that pay $3600 will be given wage support of up to $42,000. Participants will also learn about how the Professional Conversion programme can help jobseekers to reskill and acquire necessary knowledge and competencies to take on new jobs. Eligible companies will receive training grants and salary support of up to $36,000.


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