11 Mar 2020: Business Design Thinking For A LEAN Enterprise

11 Mar 2020: Business Design Thinking For A LEAN Enterprise

Tanglin Shopping Centre (Room 3), 19 Tanglin Road #10-01/07 Singapore 247909

The Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF) will be organising a briefing on Business Design Thinking For A LEAN Enterprise on Wednesday, 11 Mar 2020. At this session, employers will learn how to leverage on the P-Max Place-and-Train programme to better recruit, manage, and retain newly-hired PMETs and to adopt progressive HR practices. Upon successful completion of the programme, companies will be able to receive a one-off assistance grant of up to $10,000. More info on P-Max is available here.

Employers will also be introduced to the world’s only form of Business Design Thinking (BDT), which is facilitated by the two multi-discipline creators of The Curious People Solutions. Both Alfred & Ken are professionally trained and specially certified by the University of Toronto’s prestigious Rotman Designworks in Business Design (the world’s only form of Design Thinking for business) and have refined Business Design Thinking and pioneered their version to suit the needs of government agencies and local SMEs.

More information is available at the event page. Slots are limited, click here to register now!

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