13 June 2018: SME Briefing on HR Technology and Government Support Programmes

13 June 2018: SME Briefing on HR Technology and Government Support Programmes

SNEF Paya Lebar Office, Level 13 , Room 7 & 8 ( 60 Paya Lebar Road, #13-45 Paya Lebar Square, Lobby 2, Singapore 409051)

The Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF) together with the SME Centre@SICCI will be organising a SME briefing on the Future of HR and Government Support Programmes on 13 June 2018. SMEs could develop a strong Singaporean core in a manpower-lean economy through enhanced programmes under the Adapt & Grow Initiative announced by the Ministry of Manpower. In addition to sharing on employment facilitation assistance for SMEs, Workforce Singapore will brief on the various programmes such as Enhanced Career Support Programme, Career Trial and Jobsbank.

Following which, the Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF) will introduce the P-Max Place-and-Train Programme which aims to facilitate the entry of PMETs into suitable SME jobs and help SMEs better cope with the challenges of talent recruitment in an increasingly tight labour market. Upon successful completion of the programme, SMEs will be eligible for a one-time Assistance Grant of $5,000.

As our workplace evolves to meet the constantly changing business needs of the future economy – there’s never been a more exciting time for HR teams to take workforce management to the ‘next level’, focusing on less paper, more people. At this briefing, the founder of JustLogin, Singapore’s first HR Cloud Software, will share some insights on HR challenges and trends defining modern HR and how HR tech can help you stay ahead.An organization cannot build a good team of working professionals without good Human Resources (HR). Some key functions of HR include being MOM compliant, recruiting the right people and having a good communication system. The SME Centre@SICCI will share tips on developing a job description and conducting an interview. Companies will also understand how Enterprise Singapore can assist with starting their HR upgrading journey.

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