17 May 2018: SME Briefing on Government Support Programmes and HR Solutions

17 May 2018: SME Briefing on Government Support Programmes and HR Solutions

Level 13 , Room 7 & 8, Paya Lebar Square, Lobby 2 (60 Paya Lebar Road, Lobby 2, #13-45, Singapore 40951)

The Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF) together with the Supply Chain and Logistics Academy (SCALA) will be organising a SME briefing on government support programmes.

At this platform, SCALA will share on how the Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) can help to solve manpower crunch by upskilling PMETs from different industries. A Place and Train Programme, PCP helps companies in developing and training talents from different industries with rich transferable skills to meet their expanding human resource requirements.

Following which, SNEF will introduce about the various WSG programmes under the Adapt and Grow Initiative on recruitment, training and retention of PMETs. They are as follows:

A.    P-Max Place-and-Train Programme

-       Aims to facilitate the entry of PMETs into suitable SME jobs,

-       Receive $5,000 upon successful completion of the programme.


B.    Enhanced Career Support Programme (CSP)

-       Encourages employers to tap on wealth of experience that mature PMETs can bring to the workplace,

-       PMETs unemployed for six months or more, in mid-level jobs that pay $3,600 will be given wage support for up to 18 months.

Lastly, RPAT Pte Ltd will share how SME companies can improve, enhance and optimise their HR processes through the use of a shared HR services, resulting in higher organisational productivity.

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