21 Dec 2017: SME Briefing on WorkPro and Government Support Programmes

21 Dec 2017: SME Briefing on WorkPro and Government Support Programmes

Level 10, Room 2, Tanglin Shopping Centre (19 Tanglin Road #10-01/07, Singapore 247909)

The Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF) will be organising a briefing on WorkPro and Government Support Programmes. At this platform, SNEF will share on Workpro, which comprises of age management grant, job redesign grant and worklife grant. Under WorkPro, an employer may receive up to $480,000 in co-funding and incentives from the Government.

WorkPro was introduced in April 2013 to augment local manpower, foster progressive workplaces and strengthen the Singaporean core of our workforce. It has been enhanced in July 2016 to encourage employers to implement progressive employment practices to benefit Singaporeans through job redesign, age management practices for older workers, and adopting flexible work arrangements for all workers.

SNEF will also introduce about the various WSG programmes under the Adapt and Grow Initiative on recruitment, training and retention of PMETs. They are as follows:

A.    P-Max Place-and-Train Programme

-       Aims to facilitate the entry of PMETs into suitable SME jobs,

-       Receive $5,000 upon successful completion of the programme.


B.    Enhanced Career Support Programme (CSP)

-       Encourages employers to tap on wealth of experience that mature PMETs can bring to the workplace,

-       Candidate unemployed for six months or more, in mid-level jobs that pay $3,600 will be given wage support of up to $42,000.


 C.    Professional Conversion Programme (PCP)

-       Help jobseekers reskill and acquire necessary knowledge and competencies to take on new jobs,

-       Eligible companies will receive training grants and salary support of up to $36,000.


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