23 Oct 2018: HR Workshop on Government Support Programmes and Training/Hiring Solutions

23 Oct 2018: HR Workshop on Government Support Programmes and Training/Hiring Solutions

(531 Upper Cross Street #03-64 Hong Lim Complex, Singapore 050531)

The Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF) will be organizing a HR Workshop on Government Support Programmes and Training/ Hiring Solutions with R-Pat Pte Ltd on 23 Oct 2018.

Conflict Management is the practice of being able to identify and handle conflicts sensibly, fairly, and efficiently. Since conflicts in a business are a natural part of the workplace, it is important that there are people who understand conflicts and knows how to resolve them. This is important in today’s market more than ever, Everyone is striving to show how valuable they are to the company they work for and at times, this can lead to disputes with other members of the tram. An accommodating manager is one who cooperates to a high degree. This may be at the manager’s own expense and can actually work against that manager’s own goals, objectives and desired outcomes. This approach is effective when the other person is the expert or has a better solution. Join Kaplan at this session to understand how to better manage conflict at the workplace. 

After which, SNEF will be introducing the P-Max Place-and Train Programme (P-Max) and Enhanced Career Support Programme (CSP). Through P-Max, SMEs will receive $5,000 upon successful completion of the programme. While under CSP, PMETs unemployed for six months or more, in mid-level jobs that pay $3,600 will be given wage support for up to 18 months. 

The Human Resource Shared Services (HRSS) is designed to help SMEs improve and optimize HR operational efficiency. Know how RPAT Pte Ltd offers shared access to HR systems and services, including HR services. We enable SMEs to outsource some of their HR operational activities to enhance their HR systems and processes.  Learn how SMEs can choose from 3 area of work which are pre-scoped  into fixed packages for ease of selection and understanding. 

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