About P-Max

About P-Max

With support from the Workforce Singapore (WSG), the Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF) has been appointed as the Programme Manager to administer the Place-and-Train (PnT) Programme for SMEs and PMETs under P-Max. This Place-and-Train programme will be available for application till 31 December 2021.

The increasing employment challenges faced by displaced senior workers caused increasing concern on job opportunities, job security and available employment assistance amongst the post-50 worker segment. As such, P-Max is now enhanced (w.e.f. from 15 July 2019) to increase focus on placing and retaining Singaporean PMETs aged 50 and above into SME jobs through P-Max.

The PnT Programme under P-Max will:

  • Assist SMEs to better recruit, train, manage, and retain their newly-hired PMETs
  • Encourage the adoption of progressive human resource practices within SMEs
  • Establish a culture of workplace inclusiveness with the implementation of Age Management practices (under P-Max track for SC PMET aged ≥ 50)
  • Help place job-seeking PMETs into suitable SME jobs


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